Summer is the perfect season to express the your unique and vibrant style through the outfits you wear. With the arrival of summer 2023, there are some fashion trends that stand out among others. Here are the top 3 outfits for summer 2023, from sneakers with floral appliqués and floral-themed dresses. Find out how to pair these trends in your summer looks for a fresh and stylish touch.


Flowers everywhere

To style a head-turning summer outfit, consider combining wedges with floral appliqués and floral-themed dresses. This outfit allows you to experiment with different combinations and create a harmony between shoes and dresses with coordinating floral prints.

For example, you can pair a pair of wedges with pink flowers applied to the sides with a floral print midi dress. This combination will create a fresh and coordinated look, highlighting the floral pattern present on both the shoes and the dress.

To complete the look, add accessories such as a floral print bag or a unique water bottle to keep the focus on the floral details.

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"Elegance and femininity are harmoniously intertwined in floral outfits, creating a unique and radiant style."

Coco Chanel


Boho-Chic Style

Boho-chic is a summer evergreen, but for summer 2023 it is reinterpreted with a fresh energy. Opt for a light, flowing maxi dress with a vibrant print and maybe some appliqués.

Play with colors and textures, pairing the dress with slippers or a low heel.

Complete the look with a sweep complete with a patch to add a bohemian touch.

This outfit is perfect for summer festivals, moonlit evenings on the beach, or simply embracing the relaxed atmosphere of summer.

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"Boho-chic is an enchanting marriage of the effortless and the glamorous, an ode to creativity and natural beauty that makes every outfit an authentic expression of freedom and style."

Rachel Zoe


Sporty-Chic Style

Summer 2023 also embraces Sporty-Chic style, combining comfort and style without compromise. Opt for a long skirt with a vibrant print and pair it with a lightweight short-sleeved shirt that's not too busy. Complete the look with modern-designed sneakers and a trendy print bag. Add a touch of elegance with a unique water bottle. This outfit is perfect for days when you want a refined yet comfortable look, suitable for a summer brunch or an afternoon of shopping in the city.

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"Sporty chic style is a perfect balance between comfort and elegance, where sportswear is transformed into a sophisticated and refined interpretation of contemporary fashion."

Alexander Wang

Choose Pokemaoke

Pokemaoke was created to lead women into a world where dreaming is always possible, where shoes are the tool that allows us to run with imagination and fantasy.

Our Story

Our creations communicate the mood, thoughts and emotions of the women who wear them. They are like the perfume put on before leaving the house, that extra touch that sticks in the mind and leaves an imprint totally dominating us. Simple slogans, sophisticated appliqués, elements that recall our everyday life, and above all, flowers elegantly and sumptuously dress everything we ideate. Flowers are our greatest source of inspiration, like their scent, they remain imprinted in people's minds. We decided to produce everything in Italy, placing a focus on the craftsmanship that makes our country great and has always connoted us.
Innovative design, vibrant color palettes and unique elements combined with Made in Italy make us a completely unconventional reality capable of understanding women's needs.

When everything seems monotonous

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Pokemaoke's Designer

"The beauty of things exists only in the mind of the observer”.
David Hume

A phrase that encapsulates a philosophy of life, that of Jessica Piantoni. Creator and designer of the brand. Entrepreneur and artist at the same time, she enjoys creating a wonderful world every season thanks to her inimitable style. All this stems from the need to look beyond, to give a soul to each creation and to perfectly understand the needs of the women who choose Pokemaoke. Contemporary women, who divide themselves between the various commitments of everyday life, and who wear garments and shoes that can communicate their moods, feelings and needs. Her creations are unique and are contextualized in secret gardens where flowers, with their colors and scents, are the real protagonists and that together with beads, lace and lurex dress and give verve to her collections. A woman who, thanks to her great sensitivity, has chosen to be the spokesperson for many women who season after season, year after year continue to accompany her on this long journey and to be her greatest source of inspiration.


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