Pokemaoke was created to lead women into a world where dreaming is always possible, where shoes are the tool that allows us to run with fantasy and imagination.
Our creations communicate the mood, thoughts and emotions of the women who wear them.
They are like the perfume put on before leaving the house, that extra touch that remains imprinted in the mind and that leaves its mark by totally dominating us.
Simple slogans, sophisticated applications, elements that recall our everyday life and above all flowers dress everything we create in an elegant and sumptuous way.
Flowers are our greatest source of inspiration, like their perfume, they remain etched in people's minds.
We decided to produce everything in Italy, focusing on the craftsmanship that makes our country great and that has always characterized us.
Innovative design, vibrant color palettes and unique elements combined with Made in Italy make us a completely unconventional reality able to understand the needs of women.


"The beauty of things exists only in the mind of the beholder". 
 David Hume
A phrase that contains a philosophy of life, that of Jessica Piantoni.
Creator and stylist of the brand. Entrepreneur and artist at the same time, she enjoys creating a wonderful world every season thanks to her inimitable style.
All this stems from the need to look beyond, to give a soul to each creation and to perfectly understand the needs of women who choose Pokemaoke.
Contemporary women, who are divided between the various commitments of everyday life, and who wear clothes and shoes that can communicate their moods, their feelings and their needs.
Her creations are unique and contextualized in secret gardens where flowers, with their colors and scents, are the real protagonists and which, together with beads, lace and lurex, dress and give verve to her collections. 
A woman who, thanks to her great sensitivity, has chosen to be the spokesperson for many women who, season after season, year after year, continue to accompany her on this long journey and to be her greatest source of inspiration.


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